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Tai Wo Tong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Visited Ehai
来源:    发表日期: 2014/1/25    阅读次数: 2028

     Jan. 23, 2014, Factory Director and Production Manager of Tai Wo Tong Pharmaceutical (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. visited Ehai, and cooperation has been reached.
    Tai Wo Tong Pharmaceutical (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. established in 2009, belonging to Hin Sang Hong Company Limited. Their leadership in pediatric care market has been affirmed. It has been proved by the retail sales data in 2010 and 2011 that, Hin Sang was ranked as No. 1 sales products among pediatric care supplement market. They are already the first choice of Hong Kong parents.
    They visited the manufacturing site and warehouse, and highly appraised GMP level and production capacity of Ehai. Cooperation intention in many areas has been reached, and the cooperation in several products has been made.
    The cooperation with Tai Wo Tong Pharmaceutical (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. demonstrates that Ehai has full production capacity and high GMP management level.


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