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Pro. Gary from Edinburgh University visited Ehai
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Jan. 15, 2014, Professor Gary Loake, from Edinburgh University, visited Jiangsu Ehai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Accompanied by Professor Jiang Jihong from Jiangsu Normal University.

Professor Gary Loake is a famous botanist worldwide. He is co-founder of Scotland Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre, Director of the Edinburgh Biotechnology Industry Center, responsible for more than 30 international cooperations, published over 50 papers on Nature, Nature Biotechnology, PNAS, etc. Especially in the field of plant immunity and medical plant stem cells, he is in the leading top.

He listened to the presentation by Mr. Wang, the general manager of Ehai, visted Ehai, and have a deep and pleasant talk, exploring in the potential cooperation opportunity between the CTMs and Bio-technology.







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